Qazi M. Ishfaq Commissioner Sahiwal

Muslim Public Higher Secondary School has attained many great achievements in
educational field in a very short time. The teachers are very kind towards students and their
behaviour and methods of teaching are unique. The principal and other school staff takes
very keen interest in solving the problems of students regarding curricular and co-curricular
activities. The discipline of the institute is exemplary.
May this institution continue its fame and progress
Aamin !

Muhammad Shareef

I want to pay wholesome tribute to this institution that has made progress so much in a short
time. To me the sincerity and diligence of the college administration has made possible the
Top First Position of my son in Multan Board. The cultivation of costly diamonds of students
and youths is really a pleasure for this nation.
I am thankful to the administration and teaching staff.

Safdar Khan Malghani Advocate

I was in search of a well reputed institution for the admission of my son and my quest for welldisciplined,
well organized and well reputed institution bore fruit and I found it culminated in
the form of Muslim Public Higher Secondary School.
It is not only flourishing and blooming but also moving towards its goal of shaping raw gold
into pure one. I congratulate the Director, Principal and the organizers and also the teaching
staff on achieving tremendous results.
May this Zinnia keep blossoming
Aamin !

Muhammad Ayyub

Muslim Public Higher Secondary School is a brilliant academic institution where students,
under extremely qualified and highly trained teachers and in the light of supreme loyal
leadership of Mr. Saleem Taunsvi get a chance to polish their moral spiritual material,
individual, communal values, above all educational capabilities.
And atmosphere of hostel is really praise worthy where there is provided better care to the
students than is given in their own homes.
Best of Luck to the Administration & the Staff.

M. Khalid Khan Advocate

As it is a recognized fact that parents always remain cautious and curious about the
education of their off-springs, so was I. I came to know about Muslim Public Higher
Secondary School and its achievements through a friend of mine.
I decided to pay a visit to the college section. I was flabbergasted to see strict discipline,
highly qualified staff and organization. I felt cock-a-hoop to see the classes in progress and
pin drop silence. I instantly decided to get my son admitted in this institution for his bright
career and secured future.

Sajjad Bhutta

It is a great pleasure for me that Muslim Public Higher Secondary School is rendering
exceptionally fabulous services in the field of education. There, I have seen disciplined and
friendly academic environment. It is a wonderful institution because of its dedicated staff and
excellent management. I wish all the success for the institution in future.
Regards !

Muhammad Aslam M.A., B.Ed. L.L.B.

Allah the Almighty has blessed man with the best spritual and mental capabilities. But
among these, the role of “knowledge” is beyond question. To enhance the capabilities of
man, educational institution plays vital role and Muslim Public Higher Secondary School is
the very institution that has achieved six positions in Multan Board in a single year.
This institution has provided every information about my son’s (Ahsan Waqas) education,
attendance and behaviour on my door step. I am thankful to the Director, Principal and the
Professors who endeavored tooth and nail to teach the students in the best possible way.

Liaquat Ali

Parents often do not understand the scoring mechanisms used for assessment tests or how
to interpret them. They want to be able to assess their child’s performance in relation to their
peers, as well as individually.
It is a recognised fact that assessment results help parents assess an institution. Muslim
Public Higher Secondary School is a wonderful institution that sends the results of the
children to their homes so that parents may know about the learning and ability of their
children. May this institution keep progressing.
Aamin !

Tasaddoq Hussain

Its commendable effort from Muslim’s teachers who polished my son in an extraordinary
way. Really, I am greatly thankful to all my son’s teachers for their untiring efforts. Hats
off to all staff of Ghazalians. Thanks.

Muhammad Saeed

I am really thankful to all my teacher’s staff. they made my son diamond from pebbles.
My son is without our teachers, nothing. Whatever, he is all the credit goes to his staff.
May God prosper this institution by teaps and bounds Ameen. Once again thanks.